Hi there ladies and gents! My name is Erica, I am the owner and lead designer of Eleven Eleven. For years, my life has been filled by hobbies and crafts…many more than I would like to admit. If you know me personally, you know that you could ask me to plan an event, design and produce all stationery…and bake and design the cake/desserts,  cook the main course, make the flower arrangements and plan and design the tablescapes. Phew, out of mind breath? Me too. And of course, in the middle of doing it all, I’d continue my studies of herbalism and about a million other things I just need to know about…and let us not forget about forming a business in my head during my free time.

 I say all of this because it’s an actual, true story. For me, it’s called, 2017. I’m worn out just thinking about everything I did this year. One evening, when my mind was in a complete whirl wind, I took time to sit and create a list of what I enjoy doing, including crafts I want to learn in 2018. Needless to say, there were almost 30 broad topics and crafts written. It’s a little embarrassing, and, I’m totally ok with being called crazy or even scatter-brained; part of me agrees and part of me wonders what I can put on that shelf in the corner so that it pops even more. I just love pretty things, nature and design. I can’t help it! Read more on my bio and about us page. 


So, what do you do when you want to do everything? You begin a small business that sells everything from home décor to body products to celebration aesthetics– mostly handmade with some vintage items and items from other talented, artsy friends and family. You begin a brand, not just a product. And, when you are trying to find balance and positivity in a crazy world and you love to write, you write about life. And so, the Eleven Eleven Shoppe and its’ lifestyle blog were born. 

 With everything that has happened these last few years, I decided to take my idea of a shoppe and a lifestyle blog and center both on beautiful living. My ultimate goal with both is to create beauty and provide serenity for both of your sanctuaries, your home and body. Cozy, warm and beautiful homes, bodies, minds and spirits translate to good feelings, great vibes and happy lives. Throw in a handful of gratitude and wonder and you’ve got yourself a really, really beautiful life.

 Beautiful living begins from within and expands outward. It attracts more beauty, more gratitude and more wonder. Best yet, it attracts beautiful people into your life.  Those people carry you, and you them.


If I could be so bold to write my own definition on beautiful living: surrounding your mind, body and spirit with beauty and gratitude.


Oh boy, this was supposed to be really short, I promised myself. I could go on and on. I’m known for being pretty quiet, but its only because I’m writing a novel in my head 🙂

 Anyway, with a full heart and bunches of gratitude, welcome to Eleven Eleven and its’ lifestyle blog, Mulberry Memoirs. Sit back, grab a cup of soothing tea (or a much deserved affogato!) and relax. Stay a while. You’re kind of a big deal and we’re so, so excited to have you 🙂

 We’ll be adding more products as time goes on, we’re just getting started! 

 Read more here about what we do.

 Spark Beauty,